Building & Construction Industry In Pakistan

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The economy of Pakistan is growing faster than ever. Provision of furnishing finance foe home construction by banks and financial institutions, remittances from expatriate Pakistanis and investment in the real estate sector, are some of the major reasons for the boom in the sector. Mega infrastructure projects like highways, flyovers, dams, sky-high buildings, Gwadar Port, Gwadar city and other projects throughout Pakistan are also in progress. So at present Pakistanis very growing market for building material, systems, construction machinery, equipment and technologies. The housing sector alone provides an opportunity to invest Rs. 150 billion annually for the next 20 years, as per requirement of half a million housing units per annual. The construction sector grew by 7.9% against 3.1% last year with a yearly target of 5.4%. The Government has announced several measures to boost this sector in federal budget. Private sector in real estate developing, housing and construction has responded very positively to the incentives in spite of higher input prices. At present, Pakistan has an annual shot folio of 270,000 housing units.

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